29th September 2017

A foreign setting

Rays of sunlight appear over mountains in the background, as we see birds begin to move though different trees, which are gently moving with the breeze. Muggy and hot air is about even though it is morning. Smaller boats dart between bigger ones trying to find a path to their destination. Shadows of larger boats hide small birds that are swimming on the top of quick-moving water. Small air bubbles appear on top of the running river, as fish swim through currents of deep waters. As the sun beats down it gets higher as a reflection is created against moving water. A rainbow is formed beyond hills but no child finds a pot of gold. Heat waves can be seen  moving off sides of concrete walls of the old river. Used walls look shabby, they have been there for many years. From a distance you can see cracks and indents from when boats have hit the sides of walls when weather was particularly stormy.

East there is a lagoon as we zoom in twisting and turning into trees. There is a small boat with no motor but a man with a long paddle. He is hidden under a large flax weaved hat, to block the sunlight of his face and shoulders. As rays of heat beat down onto anything in site. There are dragon flies flying just above the water. Reflections of their silhouettes lay on the motionless lagoon. A bounding playful puppy sees the dragonfly and tries to catch it by biting. The belief he can catch it is so strong but he lands face first into warm water. He struggles to make it up the bank to a paddock of vibrantly green dewy grass. As the boat moves effortlessly through the rippling water, we see more of the same type of boat all weaving between tree roots and other vessels. There are trees with dragon fruit, with a dark pink colour outside of the fruit.

Down a small pathway there is another tree full of jackfruit, that has a powerful orange colour. This fruit smells sickly sweet and has a very shiny outside. An old women by her hut chops up fruit to give to her energetic grandchildren running around in the garden. There a small swing moving like someone was swinging in it only seconds ago. A small child runs away from her brother, a high pitch giggle is heard as she falls into the grass. She is covered in mud and has grass stains on her skirt. As she gets up her brother starts running after her again and bowls her over into the grass. The old women yells at them and they both run scared inside the little house.

Smooth water in the lagoon begins to move quickly as the boat weaves its way through the pathways. Looking down through the fast paced river we see gold-fish. Eyes big and round like marbles reflecting on the sunlight, shining through the water. There are stones on the bottom of the lagoon that are different sizes and shapes. Moving further from the village there is a cross-road. One way has entangled trees, the other has green grass, and pink flowers sitting on the sides of the lagoon. The man paddling as boat stops, not knowing which way to go. Water splits on rocks between two different directions. Getting closer and closer to making a decision, the middle-aged man will forever be stuck trying to make a decision.



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