4th August 2017

At all costs writing

‘The perfect island from view’   

Bella Cooke                    

The trees whisper in the warm breeze as it weaves its way through the island. The Wind has eyes seeing the charcoal black sand, pushing through it creating big clouds of soft, luscious swirls. As it swirls and falls, it lands on long leaves of shrubs on the ground, in the mainland of the island. Soaked with water making the leaves bend to the ground like a depressed facial expression. Shrubs are coated in sprays from the falls located in the centre of the island. The main fall is tall and powerful, it crashes down the slippery, green slimy rocks; moving anything in its way. Under the pool it swirls and tumbles creating bubbles and clouds spraying and covering everything in a 100m radius. Animals who live in the pool swim deep down into the darkness, as to not get pounded by the rushes of the falls. There is a bright light behind the falling sprays, it is a cave. This is a peaceful space and you will find drips on the walls and a spot of rocks carved into a smooth space to sit and relax.

In the distance a girl is looking at a ladybug, she has long brown hair and is wearing a wetsuit. She could be a surfer. The Wind gushes through the mainland, full of palm trees. We see the bright coloured fruits and greens from the trees, creating a rainbow effect to the eyes. Seeing a house made out of lots of thin brown branches with bridges between the houses up high in the trees, like the houses for Oompa Loompas in Willy Wonka. A chilling breeze sweeps the homes North to South slowly, passing a man and a woman who are young, youthful but not teenagers. They are collecting fruit from the mango trees and there are steps on the main body built in as if it could be a tree hut. Her curly brown hair smiles as it covers her face capturing deep blue eyes. Movements of the mellow breeze swish her hair towards the sea. In the distance she sees a man sitting in a small rowing boat fishing, while reading ‘The Faraway Tree’. Ever so calmly moving the rod to check if there is a fish attatched. We notice the ripple on the water as the boat moves further from the shore. The male figure has dark long blond hair which reflects the sunlight. As he stares into the distance he sees a glass like moving wall surrounding him, made up of small shaped hexagons. He sees the island, which is round laying flat like a pancake.

The wind becomes strong and pushes the boat into the wall and it electrocutes the boat, throwing the man high and back down into the shallows of the water.  

“Christabelle! Help! Where are you I can’t see, it’s all gone black!”  Urgency is occurring as Charlie speaks, searching for something of a sort of safety.  

Christabelle comes running from the cave, she slips down the steep small hill up to the waterfall. Her knees are grated and drops of blood fall on the forest floor as she tumbles down. A big hole (the tunnel to the control hall way) is in front of her, full of dark shadows.

Charlie falls down a ‘hole’ and lands on a crash mat confused and dazed.

The control room:

“Dammit she screwed it up for Charlie! Now we have no one on the island.”

Through the rectangular walkways of NASA dark, gloomy and mysterious shadows appear from all directions. A door with the words engraved, ‘Control room one’ is on the first left. This large double doored entrance is in fake light created by the lights surrounding it. Making it feel shifty to anyone who walks past. A person who is in charge puts her sterile clean hand on the scanner, causing a loud high pitched ping sound as the double doors swing open. The space is large in a hexagon shape, every corner is suspicious with a pain running through the walls. There is a large desk in the centre with the island in 3D, people controlling it from small pads surrounding the “safe” place. These men and women are focused, their eyes burning a hole in their small pads with fabulously brutal ideas. Turning to the left-hand corner there is a man, who seems to be on edge and slightly more powerful than the rest. His silhouette shows a strong bold personality without reading too much into his eyes. Up on the screen the opposite of the door there is a woman who is speaking but no one seems to take any notice of her lips moving and sound coming out. She has a presence as if she is in charge of everyone within the room, wearing a blue blazer and a bob cut with thick rimmed brown glasses. She does not move freely, it’s like she is stuck shifting like a robot as everything is sharp and edgy. People all over the room suddenly become stressed and freeze like there is no tomorrow, or someone pressed pause on the remote.

Walking down the hallway there is a cold shift to the air as if something bad was going to happen. Along the hallway, there are shoots all in black with spy holes in them so you can see who is sitting waiting to be released back into the hallway. There are 5 shoots where people or anything can be put into on command, like Charlie. The shoots are charcoal grey with sharp corners big enough to fit an elephant down. These tunnels twist and turn on right angles but yet have a slippery smooth surface. Ever so clean and smelling like a pear scented candle which makes people feel like they are at home as they fall. A soft bedded crash mat is at the bottom of the tunnels to catch those who fall. Continuing down the hallway it gets bigger and bigger but darker the further you go. This hallway does not make you turn back, it pulls you in further; with its black as black walls and very dimly lit lights. Finally reaching the end of the hall there is a room named “Hôpital” with a red and blue light shining over the sign. This door is bright pink and has no handles or password needed but there is a camera directed at my face and women speaking.

“Welcome to the health centre,” the women continue to repeat this over and over, the doors ping open with enthusiasm. The room is like a rainbow, people smile and care for all those who enter. It’s strange that in the middle of the black dark building there is a room of rays of light. This room has no corners, it is in a circle shape, it’s like being in a bubble. The air is warm but not hot, comfortable with a slight sea breeze from the window that is slightly ajar. Walking behind a nurse we see Christabelle in her room, her mother at her side holding her precious limp hand. Waiting for the moment when she opens her deep blue eyes. The walls of the room are light pinks, to calm the soul. Her favourite flowers sit on a table starting to bloom in the evening sunlight, shining through the window. A comforting sight.

In the distance, there are heels walking down the hallway on the lino flooring. Walking towards the noise, hearing a young man yelling for help. It’s Charlie he is struggling, scars all down his legs and arms from the island explosion. One is shaped like a scorpion. Charlie has no family around him only sterile nurses and doctors checking him on their rounds of the ward. The noise is getting closer, a trolley appears with cleaning products and a male behind it coming to the same room to clean. As the door opens we see drops of dark blood all over the floor and swabs coated in thick blood splattered on the blue toned lino. The doors bang shut, shaking the glass windows. The hallway is very busy with lots of nurses shuffling between rooms and patients roaming the halls ways confused as to which way to go to get back their room. All the people come out of Charlie’s room are covered in blood. Now curtains covering the window are opened and a stream of sunlight comes through. Peering through the glass there is not a speck of dirt in sight, there is a man lying in his bed very calm and soft looking. There is now a bunch of sunflowers sitting in a vase on the table. Directly in the sunlight is a letter poked in between the flowers, his name written in linked writing on the front of it. He sleeps so peacefully as a young girl runs down the hallway screaming in terror. A woman comes up and tells us visiting hours are over, walking one last time around the bubble like hospital. Getting to the door and exiting in silence. The doors make no noise and suddenly back in the black dimly lit hallway, none of the patients would know of this horrible place outside the walls of the rainbow coloured “hôpital”. It all turns into a blur…


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