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Practice scene analysis: General Ne Win’s suspicions and

1) Scene 1: First impressions of General Ne Win

A very stern person who has a very high-profile. He talks down to people and is not making any eye contact meaning that he is scared or worries about something that someone else is doing behind his back that he does not know about. The people who are serving the General wiser and hunch down scared of him because they know he could do anything to them. A very secretive person when doing his work. The military is the most important thing in the moment in time. Trust is missing in their situation because of all the secrets.

What is he doing when he is first introduced?

Walking up to his office to find out what Aung Sun Suu does when she visits small villages.

What do you see? (visual techniques)

I see a fancy building with servers in normal clothes (secret servers) and more important people in green uniform, the general is wearing a white hat to show he is in charge. He touches his face a lot and looks not confident with his movement showing that he is feeling threatened and doesn’t know what he is doing for his country. All the guards are wearing the red scarf as a symbol of communism of the military control of before times (they will kill on site of where they are, on demand). This area is not poverty-stricken, it is very clean and has concrete  buildings.

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

You hear the cars, people in the background. When he walks up the steps you hear every time he takes a step up the steps. The small voice from the server and the louder tones voice of the general. The conversation is short, powerful and very vague.


Everything is very vague when they speak to each other because they don’t have all the facts and need to be careful with their words. Their words are controlled without being told to because everyone knows to be careful and secretive. They never say Aung San Suu and never say it through the whole film because when you say someones name it gives them power and it acknowledges that they have an importance.

2) Scene 2: Visiting a tarot card reader
What is General Ne Win doing in this scene?

Going to visit a fortune-teller to see what his future holds.

Describe the environment Ne Win is in? (Consider Luc
Besson’s auteur style)

He is in the back streets of Rangoon in a prison like place. Visiting a women who has seen him before about his future because she has the cards and the spirits. Its low lit to change the type of mood to a more spooky and dull place. This environment makes him an equal to the women because he needs her help. He is nervous when entering the space with the women because she has the control of the country in her hands without her evening knowing it. Aung Sung Suu’s dad is now a symbol on hope or triumph in their country to the people and she is continuing the journey for them.

What is the tarot card reader like? What is she doing?
What do you see? (visual techniques)

We are shown a lion representing Aung San Suu. There is a close up of the lion to chow what it is and how important it is to the General. The general is immediately told to take off his shows like a mother figure would do or someone in charge. Different colours for different people. A few medium shots to show whats going on to coincide with the conversation and body language.

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

You hear the music that was the same in the seen prior to this one but the environments are the complete opposites. Conversation that is every equal because in the space he has no power.
Consider how any of the details you have listed reflect Luc
Besson’s auteur style. List the connections. “Thank you your advice is always invaluable” – The general

Wednesday, 16 August
Practice scene analysis: Aung San Suu Kyi is placed under
house arrest

1) Scene 1: General Ne Win hands Aung San Suu Kyi over to
his military commander:
What is taking place in the opening of this scene? What are
General Ne Win’s concerns?
The generals concerns are that Aung San Suu Kyri is very powerful and could gain support from international people.

How does General Ne Win’s military commander react to his
his superior’s concerns?
He uses cards to make the decision because he does not know if its a good idea or not.

What do you see? (visual techniques)
Over the shoulder shot of the news paper article of Aung san suu kyri, shows that she’s the only important thing currently. He’s not focussed on anything else.
close upon the card with number five – fate because they other guy said five

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)
Drum in the background – non diegetic

2) Scene 2: Cutting off Aung San Suu Kyi from the world
What is happening in this scene?
In this scene a lot of young people in the military are used to surround her house with barbed wire etc.. In order to gain control of her every move. Removing the number of her house so that people with mail cannot find the house. Only people who know where she lives can find her.

Describe the action/activity that is taking place?
A hugely excessive amount of people are used to remove people and gain control of her house. Every document was removed from her house and all phones lines cut. Every person who was working with her got taken by the soldiers because they had the connections and knowledge of all her ideas.

What is Aung San Suu Kyi’s reaction to the military control?
To get her children out of the situation so that they are safe in England.Remaining camp so that the soldiers don’t pick up her sacredness.
What do you see? (visual techniques)
You see a lot of military and commoners. A guy taking photos of everything that was in the book cases etc.. Mis shots showing people removing the items. Slier come in on trucks, the colours come out a lot in the scene white, green and red except there is never any red in the shots of Aung san suu or her children. Close ups of each of their faces children and her. Shows the memory of where she knows the person who tells her she is under house arrest (hospital). The people who worked for her are very confused when they are taken away. There is no red in her house because she is not part of the military.

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)
Consider how any of the details you have listed in both
scenes, reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the

A lot of music bringing the fear to the people watching, the camera click, people running – diegetic, children and bibles crying, soldiers demanding things in another language

Friday, 18 August/ Tuesday 22nd August 

Scene analysis: General Aung San is assassinated

What is happening in this scene?

Rangoon 1947,

“The main priority is to form a government”

What do you see? (visual techniques)

Over the shoulder shot of a man walking down a hall way and another one when he enters a meeting room. A wide shot of the situation at hand inside the meeting room. Mid shot of the three men who murder all the men in the room. Aung Sun who is very relaxed and knows the men are going to kill him shuts his eyes as a close up of his face is shown. The two different soldiers look the same but the ones killing have red bandaners. The rebels have people who are inside the other military so they have inside knowledge. There a slow motion scene to show the emotions of the two characters before the shooting of Aung Sun. At the end there is a shot of everyone is dead the colours of red, white and green are still in the shot to show communism and the death of democracy. Everyone is happy when Aung Sung arrives in the room, high pitched voices with positive emotions. There is always light on Aung Sung to show he is some sort of hope. Maps and a combination fag of British and the peacock of Myanmar are all through the room. When the general is shot there is a mid shot of the killer who is given power by an upward shot and a disgusted look on his face with the general. At the end there is a birds eye of the whole room and the lights are left swinging because of the power from the gun fire. A close up shot of the general with his eyes closed before he is shot, he is very calm and knows what will happen.  The rest of the group are in shock and scared because they didn’t intend to be killed.

At the home of the General there is a close up shot of Aung San Suu towhee she is a little girl sleep and waiting for her father to return but he never does.

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

Drubs and a maraca before the drama starts. Guns shooting, people yelling and screaming. There is a whip in the background swiping to create a airy type sound. There is a pan flute interment just before the killings. The foot steps of the boots of the other military. The same music is play before the General is killed as when the wife is being told he is dead. The fist sight of the other group of military a man is breathing out signet smoke but the breath is long and deep, like trying to relax.


Consider how any of the details you have listed reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the connections.


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