24th August 2017

Scene Analysis

Friday, 18 August/ Tuesday 22nd August 

Scene analysis 1: General Aung San is assassinated

What is happening in this scene?

Rangoon 1947,

“The main priority is to form a government”

What do you see? (visual techniques)

Over the shoulder shot of a man walking down a hall way and another one when he enters a meeting room. A wide shot of the situation at hand inside the meeting room. Mid shot of the three men who murder all the men in the room. Aung Sun who is very relaxed and knows the men are going to kill him shuts his eyes as a close up of his face is shown. The two different soldiers look the same but the ones killing have red bandaners. The rebels have people who are inside the other military so they have inside knowledge. There a slow motion scene to show the emotions of the two characters before the shooting of Aung Sun. At the end there is a shot of everyone is dead the colours of red, white and green are still in the shot to show communism and the death of democracy. Everyone is happy when Aung Sung arrives in the room, high pitched voices with positive emotions. There is always light on Aung Sung to show he is some sort of hope. Maps and a combination fag of British and the peacock of Myanmar are all through the room. When the general is shot there is a mid shot of the killer who is given power by an upward shot and a disgusted look on his face with the general. At the end there is a birds eye of the whole room and the lights are left swinging because of the power from the gun fire. A close up shot of the general with his eyes closed before he is shot, he is very calm and knows what will happen.  The rest of the group are in shock and scared because they didn’t intend to be killed.

At the home of the General there is a close up shot of Aung San Suu towhee she is a little girl sleep and waiting for her father to return but he never does.

What do you hear? (verbal techniques)

Drubs and a maraca before the drama starts. Guns shooting, people yelling and screaming. There is a whip in the background swiping to create a airy type sound. There is a pan flute interment just before the killings. The foot steps of the boots of the other military. The same music is play before the General is killed as when the wife is being told he is dead. The fist sight of the other group of military a man is breathing out signet smoke but the breath is long and deep, like trying to relax.

Consider how any of the details you have listed reflect Luc Besson’s auteur style. List the connections.

Scene Analysis 2:

1) Where is this scene set?
In a small village in Myanmar
2) What is happening in this scene?
“The national league for democracy” flag placed at the top of the entrance and pictures of Aung San Suu, with all the colours red, green, white in the image. The people of this village are setting up for a speech by her so that they can all with her. Has to change their minds about who they are to believe. The military come in and lay out a new rule that ‘No public meetings allowed!” this forcing the people to be sent home and away from hearing what Aung San Suu has to say. The people are terrified of the military. They strip the place of anything to do with the national democracy and remove anyone who didn’t leave when told to. Everyone is clapping for her but she hasn’t seen what has happened down the street. Lots of followers behind her as she goes to speak. Everyone wants to shake her hands. The commander makes two lines of people to shoot her if she speaks, the military people are all looking down so they make no eye contact with anyone to avoid emotion. They have alot of men to try and control one woman who would go down if there was one military person. The people who are to shoot her wont because they look guilty and scared even before they hold their guns up at her. None of the men are wearing the same colour of green hat showing the difference between the men. She decides to continue because she knows that the men won’t actually shoot they read their emotions quickly. But knows they will shoot the other people so makes them wait behind for safety measures. She’s always wearing colours and flowers in her hair to represent things.
3) Who is involved?
The military, Aung san Suu and her party members, people who are following to hear what she has to say and people who were part of the situation with her father
4) What significant film techniques do you see?
Close up when she is at gun point, she closes her eyes and the calm face just as her father had when he was at gun point. Reflection in one of the military sunglasses see that there was people leaving quickly from the situation
Over the shoulder shot form the member point of view showing what they were seeing at the time she was walking towards gun point. After you can see the sweat on her back from how scared she was
I.e. Camera shots/angles, lighting, costume, colour, set-design, props, special effects etc.
5) What significant film techniques do you hear?
I.e. Dialogue, sound (diegetic and non-diegetic), music, sound effects etc.
The shuffling of feet when they are walks around the main area where she was going to talk.
Airy music to show that she has control in that situation without the men knowing/ pan flute
high pitched sound to let us know something is going to happen in the scene
the person going to shoot her givers her a count down of three seconds so that she can turn around
6) Are there aspects of this scene that relate to Luc Besson’s auteur style (attached)? Make the connections in your own words.

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  1. Bella, the specific film technique examples you have selected to present are effective. However, could you read through this analysis and craft the examples into full sentences? As we discussed in class, it is important to comment on what the director was trying to achieve in the scenes by selecting these individual (or a combination of) techniques. Lastly, relate your discussion of these techniques to the “auteur’s style.”

    • Mrs Waide, you looked at my notes my real one is the internal if you want to look at that one when you have a moment, its written differently and has auteurs style in it:)


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